Global reach,single focus
The CM team shares more than 24 years manufacturing experience
with oil free compressor and refrigerant recovery&charging system
Global reach,single focus
The CM team shares more than 24 years manufacturing experience
with oil free compressor and refrigerant recovery&charging system
World Leader In Oil-free Refrigerant Recovery,Purification And Charging System

ChunMu Refrigeration,well know as "CM" was established in 1998, 

comprehensive hi-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, manufacturing 

oil less refrigerant recovery,reclaim and charging equipment in HVAC/R 

industry. In the past 24 years,CM provides one stop engineering and 

manufacturing designed to provide its’ customers with customized solutions 

to meet their commercial and residential HVAC service needs. Whatever 

your HVAC service needs may be, CM has the knowledge and expertise to 

solve your problems.With the environmental pollution of traditional 

refrigerants a large number of traditional refrigerants need to be recycled 

and reused, and new environmentally friendly refrigerants have been 

invented in recent years, giving the company a development belt. 

With new opportunities, CM has continuously increased its R&D investment

 in recent years. It has developed many new products such as R600/R290/

R1234yf to meet the individual needs of different customers and helped 

many companies reduced refrigerant waste in production and maintenance 

process and save large amount funds for, protecting the environment

Company Histroy
CM Quality Policy

ChunMu Refrigeration is a global manufacturer of high efficiency,oil-free refrigerant recovery,reclaim and charging machine with 24 years experience. we are focused on continually improving a robust Quality Management System (QMS) to exceed the requirements of our customers in a fast-growing competitive refrigeration market. The QMS is key to improving organizational clarity by involving all employees in our processes, and by extension to our valued customers. Smardt management is committed to ensuring that these principles are known, understood, and applied to foster continuous improvement in performance of the organization towards quality excellence. 

To ensure overall success of the system CM will: 

     ●Comply with all applicable national and international laws and statutory regulations. 

     ●Follow the concepts of continuous improvement.

     ●Establish and communicate measurable quality objectives and corrective actions within the organization. 

     ●Select, approve, and evaluate our suppliers to ensure that we are working with the best partners possible. 

     ●Gather, monitor and action customer feedback.

     ●Commit to a regular internal audit program to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of the QMS. 

     ●Adopt a process approach to our internal systems and continually assess risk. 

     ●Provide coaching, training and development opportunities for staff members as required. 

     ●Hold semi-annual Management Review meetings, supported by regular review meetings throughout the year. 

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