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CM provides creative solutions for HVAC industry
Global leader in refrigerant recovery, purification and charging system
CM,the global leader, offers you the most comprehensive and customizable line refrigerant recovery&charging equipments. Advanced features and custom engineering allow us to tailor and optimize our oil-free recovery machine for all industry and facility needs.
CM guarantees consistent and reliable oil-free refrigerant recovery and recycling system performance. Recovery rate is 20% to 50% greater than oil-lubricated recovery machine. Eliminating lubrication oil make your recovered refrigerant 100% clean
Why choose CM?
24 years oil-free compressor R&D experience
World leader of refrigerant recovery solutions
Standard and custom refrigerant handling system
Intelligent linear algorithm refrigerant charging technology
Wat do we offer?
CM boasts the industry’s most comprehensive and customizable refrigerant recovery,reclaim and charging solution which compatiable for wide range refrigerant types including ultra-high pressure refrigerant R23/SF6/ R13/ R14; medium&high pressure refrigerant R410A/R32/R134a; low pressure refrigerant R123/ R1233zd/R245fa;including ATEX certificated equipment for flammable refrigerant R290/R600/R600A
100% Oil-free Compressor & Full Temp. Range Charging Technology
With 24 years compressor R&D experience,we always supply innovative solutions for HVAC/R and related industry.. Our oil-free refrigerant recovery machine can bring high-speed refrigerant recovery solution to the industry; Full temperature range compensation with linear algorithm to bring high precision and stable refrigerant charging experience to the industry. When you talk to CM, you’re dealing with the leading experts in oil-free refrigerant recovery&charging technology.
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CM is both the pioneer and the world leader in manufacturing high efficiency oil-free refrigerant recovery&charging machine.
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