CM8600 Automatic Refrigerant Charging Machine Uses in Agriculture Machinery
CM8600 Automatic Refrigerant Charging Machine Uses in Agriculture Machinery

CM8600 Automatic Refrigerant Charging Machine Uses in Agriculture Machinery

YHMAC Hebei Yinghu Agriculture Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is mainly engaged in manufacturing agriculture machinery such as different models corn harvesters,etc, currently they have two production lines, now they need to sets of R134a fully automatic refrigerant charging machines to fulfill refrigerant high accuracy charging and improve production efficiency.

Regarding to customers on-site condition, after further communication and final evaluation, finally our multiple function refrigerant charging machine integrates the function of automatic vacuum, printing, bar-code, furthermore this machine is installed customized cantilever support can totally meet their demands.

Customers work condition in the field:

Refrigerant type: R134a

Applied industry: air conditioning of Agriculture Machinery

Single charging amount per unit: 900-1000g

Customers requirements: high accuracy filling(≤±0.5%); can know well and track refrigerant charging condition of each machinery; refrigerant fast recovery in the repair lines to reduce refrigerant loss.

As for the above conditions, we recommend them our CM8600 refrigerant charging machine with the function of vacuum extracting, automatic refilling, printing, bar-code and customized cantilever support. It utilizes intelligent linear algorithm technology, to ensure high accuracy refrigerant filling for each charging amount(±0.5g 100g; ≤±0.5% 100g-2000g; ≤±0.3% 2000g). Also has automatic whole-day real time temperature function to guarantee filling accuracy under different temperature, no need frequent calibration to save time and labor cost; We have our own laboratorybefore delivery we can do simulated charging experiments under temperature -10-50to make sure the accuracy and stability of our refrigerant charging machine for each charging amount under different temperature; It equips with printing and bar-code, which can follow up conveniently in the field through printing information and scan bar-code. Meanwhile, our CM05 series refrigerant recovery charging machine also can help recover refrigerant in the repair machine quickly to improve efficiency and reduce the waste of refrigerant.

Our professional solutions and perfect services are highly impressed on our customer, and they are very satisfied with the performance and functions of the refrigerant charging machine. We will continue to work hard to provide more customers with better solutions and services.

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