Darment is a refrigeration wholesaler operating in Helsinki Finland. Darment offer first-class refrigeration products for the needs of the maintenance, contracting and manufacturing industries.Darment offer everything a refrigeration professional needs in their work wDarmenth low prices and quick deliveries. Darment closely follow the changes in the industry and the ever-tightening regulations. Darment try to anticipate future changes on behalf of our customers. Darment guide their customers to make the best choices.

Recently, Finnish environmental protection company Dayment reached a $100,000 refrigerant recycling and purification equipment procurement agreement with CM Refrigeration. The procurement agreement includes refrigerant recycling machine, refrigerant purification machine and refrigerant filling machine. This agreement is the deep cooperation between the two parties in the field of environmental protection, aiming to effectively solve the problem of refrigerant emission generated in the air conditioning refrigeration industry, and achieve environmental protection and sustainable development.

As a well-known enterprise in the field of environmental protection, CM Refrigeration has strong technical strength and rich industry experience. Through the in-depth cooperation with Dayment, the company can improve the technical level and service quality, and provide more high-quality environmental protection solutions for the industry.

The signing of this agreement not only reflects the common pursuit and sense of responsibility of both sides in the field of environmental protection, but also makes due contribution to promoting the development of the global environmental protection industry. We look forward to the deeper cooperation between the two sides in the field of environmental protection in the future, and make unremitting efforts to create a healthy, safe and beautiful environment.

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