CM8600 S Series High Speed Refrigerant Charging Machine
CM8600 series refrigerant charging machine is specially designed to charge refrigerant fluid R134A,R410A...etc to refrigeration system assembly line.
it combines all in one in order to perform evacuation, leak test and refrigerant charges to meet the customers demand for affordable high precision and high quality based on CM smart controltechnology, the charging machine uses the well known Siemens Programmer giving the user a colourful and convenient touch interface,you set the data,let the machine complete the job for you.

Water dispenser, Air Conditioner, Beer machine, Freezers, Refrigerators,Vehicle,etc.

·Siemens smart PLC technology for fast and accurate operation process
·Large colorful touch screen make the operation easy and simple
·High precision mass flowmeter technology ensures charging accuracy
·Powerful pneumatic booster pump for high speed charging rate
·The continuous charging quantity up to 99999g
·Automatic reminder function when the liquid supply tank is lack of refrigerant
·Combine vacuum, leakage inspection, refrigerant charging to all in one system
·Equipped with leakage alarm device
·High charging accuracy 

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Main Features and Advantages
Smart linear algorithm ensure high charging accuracy
Require no daily charging accuracy calibration
-10℃~50℃ testing to ensure charging stability
Large operation interface
Gas leakage detection monitoring


 Equipment model CM 8600 S Series
 Device Serial Number S 100
 Filling speed 100 g/s  (6 kg/min)
 Single charge amount 20-9999999 g
 Filling accuracy <500 g, ≤2 g ;500 g-2000 g,≤±0.5% ;>2000 g,≤±0.3%
 Measurement methods RRT American Ruby Flow Meter
 Resolution ratio 0.1 g
 Equipment certification CE 
 Vacuum rate 8 L/S
 Vacuum degree of machine 3-5 pa
 Filling gun port Hansen 1/4 or 3/8 quick connectors
 Length of filling gun Standard with 3 meters, other specifications 3-10 meters optional
 Communication interface RS485/RS232/Ethernet
 Channels quantity 100
 Compressed air pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
 Programmer Siemens
 Power supply 380V 50Hz 3Phase or 220V 50Hz 1Phase
 Dimension 900*800*1340 mm
 Approved refrigerants R134a, R22, R513a, R404A, R410A, R406A etc.

Equipment model

CM 8600 S Series

Device Serial Number


Filling speed

≥100 g/s  (6 kg/min)

Single charge amount

20-9999999 g

Filling accuracy

500 g, ≤2 g

500 g-2000 g,≤±0.5%

2000 g,≤±0.3%

Measurement methods

RRT American Ruby Flow Meter

Resolution ratio

0.1 g

Equipment certification


Vacuum rate

8 L/S

Vacuum degree of machine

3-5 pa

Filling gun port

Hansen 1/4 or 3/8 quick connectors

Length of filling gun

Standard with 3 meters, other specifications 3-10 meters optional

Communication interface


Channels quantity


Compressed air pressure




Power supply

380V 50Hz 3Phase or 220V 50Hz 1Phase


900*800*1340 mm

Approved refrigerants

R134a, R22, R513a, R404A, R410A, R406A etc.

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