HVAC/R Manufacturing
HVAC/R Manufacturing

CM Refrigerant charging system was engineered to work with both of non-flammable and flammable refrigerant fluid& gas and to be used in any type of cooling unit assembly lines (refrigerator, deep freezer, air conditioner, etc.) The system performs evacuation, leak tests and refrigerant charges. Particularly suited for small and large production rates that require a very accurate refrigerant dose. 

Thanks  to the dosing cylinder metering technology (featuring a special single-effect piston), the system precisely controls the filling amount charged from the beginning until the end of the injection phase.

The CM8600 refrigerant charging machine  is particularly indicated for big charges of flammable gases (R290, R32, R600) at a small/medium cadence and it uses a volumetric turbine flow meter with special sensors (temperature + pressure) to control in real-time the volume and the mass during the injection phase.

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CM is both the pioneer and the world leader in manufacturing high efficiency oil-free refrigerant recovery&charging machine.
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