HVAC/R Waste Recycling
HVAC/R Waste Recycling
CM provide one stop solution for waste air condition or refrigerator including other HVAC system disassembly line which includes: 
conveyer belt,refrigerant recovery machine,refrigerant reclaim machine,grinder,packing machine etc.
After trainned by our professional engineering team,the refrigerant leakage rate can be controlled less than 1%,and daily production 
capacity can be over 700-1000 units residential air conditioner.
How do we improve disassembly efficiency?
· Patent three stage oil compressor technology
· Large 57m³/h compressor displacement
· Pull deep vacuum to -0.92Bar,no residual gas left 
Remark:-1 bar is the absoute vacuum degree
How do we reduce gas leakage rate?
· Powerful three stage compressor keep pulling deep vacuum even discharge pressure is high
· Compare last generation compressor technology,vacuum degree -0.8 bar increase to -0.92bar
· On site training
· Patent pressure detection device 
· Special high strength pinch off pliers

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