Subway and Rail Transit Refrigerant Recovery Machine Market Share Over 80%
Subway and Rail Transit Refrigerant Recovery Machine Market Share Over 80%

Subway and Rail Transit CM05 Series Refrigerant Recovery Charging Machine

In July: The market share of refrigerant recovery charging machine for subway, rail transit industry over 80%

Although the real economy industry is greatly affected by the fluctuations of the environment, while CM refrigerant charging machine, refrigerant recovery machine sales rise against the trend.

This year, with the impact of the fluctuation of the whole economic environment, the real economy industry is facing great pressure.How to keep the growth momentum of the enterprise unaffected has become an urgent problem to solve.

Nanjing CM Refrigeration relies on early 5 years of enterprise development layout and long-term planning, for the current rapid development of enterprises to provide a strong basic guarantee.

Since 2014 the national large public construction projects were in the downturn, more or less had an impact on all industries, but on the contrary, Under the background of national advocacy of people's livelihood and transportation, rail transit and other projects closely related to the public have become the driving force of the market. CM Refrigeration took the opportunity to vigorously promote the core products of the enterprise: refrigerant charging machine, refrigerant recovery and charging machine, refrigerant recovery machine for car repair, other customized machines, supporting the whole rail transit and subway and other related enterprises, the past 2 years of reputation precipitation in the user has produced a very good chain word-of-mouth transmission, laid a solid foundation for 2015 long-term development.

Up to now, the company's sales have doubled compared to same period last year . It can be seen that long-term R&D investment and persistent R&D support can consolidate the foundation of enterprise rapid development.

CM Refrigeration stood on the global refrigeration industry, is making great efforts to become world class suppliers of refrigerant recovery machine, refrigerant charging machine.

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