Dual System Refrigerant Charging Machine Applies in Beverage Industry
Dual System Refrigerant Charging Machine Applies in Beverage Industry

Dual System Refrigerant Charging Machine Applies in Beverage Industry

Quanzhou Gissing Beverage Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in manufacturing and selling of food and beverage machinery and equipment, mainly engaged in carbonated beverage machine, cola beverage machine, milk tea coffee machine, commercial soybean milk machine, ice cream machine, beverage heating display cabinet, multi-function fry machine, barbecue machine and other food and beverage equipment.
According to Gissing’s on-site condition as follows, we recommend the right model CM8600 dual system automatic refrigerant charging machine.:

Customer’s work condition: this customer is a manufacturer of beverage equipment, they supply beverage juice machines, beverage vending machines, cola machines, etc. They will use our refrigerant charging machine to fill R134a, R290 refrigerant in these beverage equipment, we recommend client our single system refrigerant charging machine for flammable refrigerants CM8600 ExS series not only for non-flammable refrigerants but also for flammable refrigerants.
1) Application equipment: beverage machine
2) Refrigerant: R134A/R290
3) Single filling amount 50-500g per each machine
4) Charging port size: 1/4” needle valve
5) Requirements: third-party certification; need provide design requirements of the air duct in the field; the machine also should have refrigerant recovery function.

CM8600 series dual system hydrocarbon refrigerant charging machine is integrated the function of vacuum, leak detection, refrigerant automatic filling in one, with high-speed filling R134a, R290, R404A, R410A and other refrigerant, suitable for refilling refrigerant in air conditioning, beverage machine, coffee machine, ice cream machine, freezer, heat pump and other refrigeration units.

With the utilization of high-speed refrigerant charging gun and optimized application of booster pump, to ensure stable performance of refrigerant high-speed charging, furthermore, its maximum single filling amount can reach 999kg.
We have our own laboratory to simulate temperature environments from -10℃ to 50℃for the accuracy and stability of charging performance.

Considering to R290, it requires the working field with better ventilation, we also provide the design requirements of ventilation pipelines to make sure their working field safety.

Our refrigerant charging machine help our client improve working efficiency, it depends on our machine charging speed 40g-80g/s, it will take about 2 seconds to refill 50g refrigerant, 10 seconds to refill 500g refrigerant, it is really very fast; Secondly, our machine with high charging accuracy to avoid refrigerant loss. In one word, these functions of refrigerant charging machine help client solve problems, increase their production output, till now, it is still in good working condition. Therefore, we have accumulated good reputation in the industry and won the trust of customers.

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