CM580 ISO Tank Refrigerant Recovery Machine
CM580 refrigerant recovery machine is specially designed for recovery liquid and vapor refrigerant from ISO tank or larger storage tank,it utilizes explosion proof rated and static-free instruments with powerful oil less compressor to offer high efficiency unload process,the three stage compression technology will reduce discharge temperature and pressure to allow whole unload process smoothly.It integrated all imporant feature to refrigerant plant and chemical factory.


·3-Stage compression large displacement reciprocating compressor
·Ultra fast recovery rate for both liquid and vapor refrigerant
·One valve to exchange vapor and liquid recovery
·High and low pressure shut-off function,no monitoring required
·Two stage water &air cooling for high efficiency heat exchange rate and hot environment
·High vacuum degree -0.095Mpa allow recovery more refrigerant for avoid residual refrigerant loss
·Utilize explosion proof motor&control box
·Continuously running for 24 hours duty cycle
,·Utilize oil separator and filter drier for impurity removal
·Gas leakage detection for safety operation
·CE certification
·ATEX certification for hazardous Area






Compressor Displacement


Compressor Type

Three-stage compression oil-free reciprocating R134a

Vapor Recovery


Liquid Push&Pull Recovery Rate

15000Kg/hAutomatic - Not required


Air Cooled&Water Cooled98.50%

Applicable Refrigerant

R290/R600A/R32/R410A/R134a/R22/R407C etc.Yes

Gas Leakage Monitoring


HP Shut-off


LP Shut-off

YesYes, 1 bottle

Oil Separator


Power Source

380~460V 50Hz 3PhaseAutomatic



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Main Features And Advantages:
Oil free compressor for various refrigerants
Large compressor displacement ,fast recovery rate
Pull deep vacuum degree to -0.09Mpa
Current ,low and high pressure protection,more safe
Integrated both of air and water cooling
One valve to exchange vapor and liquid recovery
CE/ATEX certification
Gas leakage monitoring

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