Singapore ECP - CMR123-20 Low Pressure Refrigerant Recovery Machine
Singapore ECP - CMR123-20 Low Pressure Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Singapore ECP Order CMR123-20 Low Pressure Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Singapore Electric Contractor Pte Ltd has been in the maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning industry over ten years. Currently, their maintenance air conditioner brands are Trane, York, Carrier, McVille, etc. Before we provided them over-positive pressure refrigerant recovery machines, now due to the increasing number of Trane units, the actual conditions as follows:

On-site conditions:  During the maintenance of Trane Air conditioning R123 unit, it had lot of R123 refrigerants residual every time using the original recovery method, around 80-150kg . At present, the price of refrigerant increased seriously, under this condition, it will cause a lot of waste and high cost(R123 refrigerant is currently 110 yuan /kg), the lose about 8800 yuan to 16,500 yuan each time.

Through the recommendation, they contacted CM to inquiry CMR123 low pressure refrigerant recovery machine. This recovery machine is specially designed for low pressure refrigerant (R123/R11/R245fa/R1233ZD, etc.), which can be recovered to -0.09Mpa, thoroughly recovery and less residual. It can help save lots of money. Furthermore, we made the wind-cooled version according to the customer's working condition (the water source is not available when carrying out), this satisfied our client’s demands.

Customer feedback:  since this machine in use, we got payback after using it for less than three times, for the long run, it creates extra benefits for us.

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