Hebei Veyong - CM-T1800 Fluorine Recovery Machine with Storage Tank
Hebei Veyong - CM-T1800 Fluorine Recovery Machine with Storage Tank

Hebei Veyong CM-T1800 Fluorine Recovery Machine with Storage Tank

Customer introduction: 

Hebei Veyong Bio-Chemical Co. Ltd. is a modern enterprise integrating R&D, manufacture and sales of pesticide apis and preparations, has more than 60 years of production and management history. It is a designated manufacturer of pesticides and a national high-tech enterprise. Veyong pays attention to product quality and technology research and development, has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system certification, the company laboratory through the CNAS national accreditation laboratory certification, also participated in the formulation of 15 national and industrial pesticide product standards.

On-site working conditions: Veyong has several large refrigeration machines, and annual maintenance it needs to recovery the refrigerants. The max. refrigerant quantities about 4 tons. In 2019, Veyong bought a WFL18 refrigerant recovery machine, with fast recovery speed and stable performance. Now they need a larger fluorine recovery machine, so the new oil-free refrigerant recovery machine with storage tank is recommended according to their actual situation.

Customer Requirements:

1. Applies for large ice machine maintenance, recovery&charging R22

2. R22 refrigerants amount around 4 ton. 

3. Need equip with 5storage tank.

Refrigerant recovery machine introduction:

CM-T1800 series oil-free refrigerant recovery machine is a large refrigerant recovery and filling equipment specially designed for large ice machines and central air conditioners. It can be compatible with recovery R134A, R22, R12 and other universal refrigerants. The machine is also with fast recovery speed, high stability and long service life.

Applications: for refrigerant recovery, large tank drainage, residual gas recovery, etc for large ice machines, central air conditioning and other refrigeration systems.

Functions: rapid speed recovery/charging refrigerants

Main features:

(1) Rapid recovery speed: 10HP large displacement compressor

(2) No need exchange pipelines when push-pull recovery/vapor recovery, more convenient. 

(3) CM-T1800 utilizes oil-free compressor, without cross contamination, lower rotation speed, longer life;

(4) Recovery thoroughly, can be up to negative pressure (-0.04Mpa);

(5) Equipped with integrated 5 refrigerant storage tank, specially for R22. 

(6) Widely use for large refrigeration units for transferring refrigerants

(7) cost-effective, fast investment payback, at most 1-2 times can get payback.




Compressor displacement


Vapor recovery rate


Push/pull recovery rate



Oil free, piston compressor

Compressor material

Stainless steel


R134AR22R12, etc.



Storage Tank

5m³ storage tank (Φ1.5*3m) designed for R22

Cooling type

Air cooled


380V/50Hz or customized

Nanjing Chunmu Refrigeration &Mechanical Electronic Equipment Tech Co.,Ltd, for years of great efforts, research and development in refrigerant recovery units, refrigerant recycling units, refrigerant recovery and charging machine,etc, has been a number of world top 500 enterprises supporting the production line. The brand of CM  and Wonfulay has already registered trademarks in China and USA.

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